Monday, March 17, 2014

How to Save and Stock Up On Your Children's Library

I've been collecting children's books for years! I love them and have a soft place in my heart for favorite authors. Throughout the years, I've been able to score deals on books for my personal selection. Here's a few tips for your own buying journey:

Shop Local Book Sales:

Book sales held at local churches, schools or libraries are often the best place to stock up on favorite titles. The prices are generally low, plus many of the books being sold are donated. Which means you have a greater chance at finding like new options!

Second Hand Stores:

While the prices may not be as cheap as local book sales, you can still find gems here and there! I've been able to score great deals for hard to find titles. Goodwill is my favorite thrift store to hunt up great children's books!

Garage Sales:

Another great way to stock up your book collection is garage sales. I personally love to visit neighborhood sales. That way, all the garage sales are in one location, and I have a better chance of finding great deals. It also helps to save on gas prices since you don't have as much driving to do.

Flea Market Booths:

There are many flea markets that host book sellers, and of course, many of them are children's book collectors! If you have a rare title in mind, this may be the way to go for you.

Make Books a Tradition:

Last, but not least, make books a tradition in your home.Come up with plan to buy a book for a reward system. For example, for every "A" that your child receives on their report card, hey get a new book. Or for every dentist appointment where they have no cavities, they get to pick out a book, etc.

Be sure to have lots of FUN while building your kids libraries. It will help instill a love for reading in their daily lives. 


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  2. Not sure what's up with the June 27th post but I've found that our daughter gets a lot of wonderful books given to her by friends and school year end. We also participate in Barnes and Noble and the library's summer reading programs where she earns free books. They're out there.

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